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  Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Do I need a doctors referral or prescription?

  • A physician's order for physical therapy is required if your visit is to be covered by insurance. Medicare requires a signed doctors order every 30 days for physical therapy services and this must be current for us to see you. The 30-day period is calculated from the date the doctor signed your order. It is your responsibility to contact your doctor for a current physical therapy prescription.
    Legally, in Florida, you can see a physical therapist for 32 days with no doctors referral and payment would be private. The fitness program is paid privately prior to the start of the program and rates vary depending on how long you sign up for. Special programs are also on a private basis.

Q. How do I pay for services?

  • We accept a wide variety of insurance plans and to find out the ones we are on it is best to call our office or email us. Co-pays are due after each visit. We ask that Medicare covered patients pay us the 20% balance of the Medicare allowed amount unless the secondary insurance is an automatic crossover or medigap policy. These are billed from Medicare and pay us directly. Please check your insurance plan information regarding plan limitations and coverage, as you are ultimately responsible for the fees. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Q. What if I am from another state?

  • You can receive therapy as long as your prescription is valid. In regard to insurance, check your plan to see if we are in your network or if they pay out of network a percentage.

Q. What are the current Medicare rules for therapy?

  • At this time, Medicare has no cap on the dollar amount they will cover in a calendar year. In the past they have. In the year 2002 this may change, so pay attention to Medicare bulletins. You must have a valid prescription and therapy must be indicated to receive treatment by a physical therapist.

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